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Tri Up associates with Vyunex to Leverage Latest Technology Solutions in EdTech

Tri Up offers its Integrated Learning Platform (ILP) with innovative features focusing on Live Training. Job seekers and professionals are all set to undergo a unique training experience with the state-of-the-art approach.

Education startup Tri Up partners with Vyuunex for all their business needs related to online learning. This move makes it possible for Tri Up to expand its reach towards new horizons. Another benefit on an additional basis is that the ready availability of technical support from Vyunex makes it easier for the organization in the long run.

Hyderabad (August 24, 2023) – Tri Up by partnering with Vyunex is honored to announce its plans to offer latest courses to prepare students and employees meet the current industry requirements. Though having a significant presence already among the student fraternity in Hyderabad, the edtech company plans to expand its horizons by ensuring a pan India presence during the next FY. During the process, the learning platform has undergone a lot of renovation in terms of look and feel of its platform, and the unique features it offers.

Courses on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Robotic Process Automation are very much hot in the industry currently. Thousands of positions in major organizations and MNCs are vacant that need to be filled up. Tri Up ensures that the quality standards of learning are maintained before making every batch of the organization industry-ready. Career transformation and employee upskilling are some of the reasons behind that Tri Up braves to differ from others. On the students and employees’ part, they would get the right kind of exposure to the technology they learn helping them shaping their career further.

Expert-led courses are made available readily with other details like course duration, and tutor’s profile would be displayed for the comprehensive analysis before a student takes up one. This proactive approach from Tri Up along with proper guidance from seasoned instructors help in training students with the right hands-on they need to acquire. All the courses at Tri Up come with an additional advantage of skills enhancement that help the learners step up their abilities before they venture into the corporate world.

Tri Up has taken digital transformation initiatives through which it plans to streamlines the entire training experience for the learners towards a prosperous career. Perhaps, it offers the most advanced curriculum concepts updated on a regular basis along with training methods through an unmatched training portfolio involving trainers, instructors, concepts, and other resources. The focus is on to impart valuable training concepts to all those who register and subscribe to any course of their choice. As part of pioneering visual communication to the fullest, Tri Up has made it easy for the unemployed and the professionals in learning a course as per their requirement through video conferencing.

Online learning platforms are meant to overcome the challenges associated with logistics and time. With a digital library containing selective access to numerous course contents on demand, the learning experience of students is set to enhance further leaving no scope for any complacencies. Perhaps, new courses are being added on a regular basis resulting in a continuous learning experience for everyone. These positive initiatives taken on a proactive basis are known to benefit the learners when they hit the job market landing them their dream job.

Tri Up offers career-specific courses for the benefit of students and growth-centric courses for the progress of employees leading to a successful and rewarding professional life.

About Tri Up

Tri Up is an emerging EdTech organization aiming to revolutionize the online education sector by bringing every graduate’s job dreams to reality. By offering advanced courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Full Stack, and more, it aims to bridge gaps between industry needs and student skills in the most feasible manner possible. Well-structured Courses, Job-ready Training, Placement Assistance, and Dedicated Support are some of the USPs of Tri Up. For more details, please visit:

About Vyunex

Vyunex Private Limited is a technology company located in India with its Headquarters in Hyderabad with active overseas operations in Dubai and Singapore. Focusing on next generation technologies like Blockchain, Kubernetes, AI & ML, Vyunex serves customers from diverse industry verticals like BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Logistics, Technology and more. For more details, please visit:


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