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Tri Up launches Online Learning Platform in EdTech Sector with Job-Ready Courses

Tri Up enters into a strategic partnership with Vyunex to offer technology-centric learning programs aimed at students and professionals. Landing a dream job and upskilling are some of the benefits for the learners during the process.

Hyderabad (August 24, 2023) – Tri Up streamlines its Online Learning Platform (OLP) to everyone who registers for a course of their choice towards a comprehensive training process. With a career-centric approach adopted by the organization, the results are known to land people who complete the courses in a win-win situation. Imparting top quality programs through experienced instructors is the USP of Tri Up that which differentiates it from the rest in the edtech sector. The curriculum is tailor-made as per the needs of the students reflecting the current trends in the employment industry as well.

Tri Up specializes in offering courses that are much in demand in the industry currently. Artificial Intelligence course helps in improving the technical know-how of the learners besides laying a strong foundation for them ushering them towards a bright career. Similarly, there are other courses like Data Science and Full Stack enabling the learners to explore exciting career opportunities. Making more and more professionals serious about career enhancement is one of the motives behind. During the process, Tri Up metamorphoses them into dependable professionals who are able to fit in any industry and work under any condition.

Launching advanced programs has enabled the edtech organization to enhance its operations across India attracting the attention of thousands of students besides several of enterprise clients. It is necessary to offer a flexible means of training to today’s learners because of busy schedules and high expectations. For the same reasons, Tri Up has fully evolved into a professional edtech organization equipped with all the resources necessary for them to realize a fruitful career in the industry. As the digital economy of the nation keeps updating at a rapid pace, it is necessary for the current generation of professionals to find themselves in unison with it.

Placement assistance for all those who complete their course successfully is another major advantage from Tri Up. Having been associated with Vyunex as its Authorized Technology Partner, Tri Up intends to expand its operations on a further note introducing several other features that are highly beneficial for the students. Feasible course learning fees, and flexible course completion process are some of the unique benefits for the learners. People from different academic backgrounds and diverse professional experiences will find the process of completing any course online easy. Perhaps, this will boosts their confidence levels at the time of interview.

Maximum number of courses have been included with the outdated ones replaced with the latest ones. Each course from Tri Up is easy to choose as the details about price, curriculum, instructor and time are included within. Instructor-led courses with valuable guidance and timely support will make sure that a positive learning experience is created throughout. Meanwhile, the courses related to Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing are known to create a huge difference for those who prefer cross training.

About Tri Up

Tri Up is an emerging EdTech organization aiming to revolutionize the online education sector by bringing every graduate’s job dreams to reality. By offering advanced courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Full Stack, and more, it aims to bridge gaps between industry needs and student skills in the most feasible manner possible. Well-structured Courses, Job-ready Training, Placement Assistance, and Dedicated Support are some of the USPs of Tri Up. For more details, please visit:

About Vyunex

Vyunex Private Limited is a technology company located in India with its Headquarters in Hyderabad with active overseas operations in Dubai and Singapore. Focusing on next generation technologies like Blockchain, Kubernetes, AI & ML, Vyunex serves customers from diverse industry verticals like BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Logistics, Technology and more. For more details, please visit:


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